Why Choose Clarity?

We are here to provide the full range of debt information to help you understand the different options. We provide a non advice information only service to assist you in help with your debt.


We offer clear and simple communication on the information we provide in helping you with debt. We offer a non advice service which means we will never tell you what to do.

Best Information

We always provide the best information for you so you can understand all the option you have for debt help.

Great Support

We are here for you to talk to. Providing great support to both existing clients and new clients alike. Please never hesitate in contacting us.

Happy Customers

We have many happy customers and are happy to provide references for the service we have provided.

Past and Present Debts

We can give you information on options to deal with current debt and old debts which have been with you for many years.

No Upfront Costs

Any costs from us providing you information are recovered from the debt solution provider you have chosen to speak to. This in no way would effect your monthly payment on a debt solution.

Meet Me

I provide debt information to help my clients understand how they can deal with their debts. We offer a non-advice information based approch to allow people to gain back control with their financial lives. I take great pride in being able to provide the information which allows the client to reduce stress and deal with their debts.

Sam Burns


Sam is a fully qualified CeMap Mortgage adviser with over 10 years of experience in the mortgage and insolvency industry.

What our clients say

We are happy to be judged on how are happy our clients are. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction when helping clients with Information about their debts.
Mrs Patterson

Mrs Patterson

Large Debt Due To Ill Health

"We have no regrets! After sam gave me all the information i could possibly needs on debts we have found a solution. We will be debt free in 5 years and instead of £460 a month payment I am now paying £140.

Mr & Mrs Somepens

Mr & Mrs Somepens

Chased By Multiple Bailiffs

"After reciving visits and letters of multiple bailiff firms I decided I needed help. I was provide with information on all the different options for helping with debt. This allowed me now to stop all the contact from the bailiffs and re-gain control of my life. Thank you for the information it has changed my life"

Mr Johnson

Mr Johnson

To Many Debts To Deal With

"Its an honest and simple service, I got help to find all my debts then selected a solution I could afford to repay them! It also allowed half of my 18k debt to written off!"

Miss Trewithen

Miss Trewithen

Debt Buildup Due To Divorce

"It has been a very difficult year for me. Due to a breakdown in my relationship I was left with a lot of debt I could not pay on my own. I now have it all in one monthly payment I can afford and I know when I will be debt free. thank you Sam"

Miss Stevenson

Miss Stevenson

Living off Credit Cards

" I found myself down the debt rabbit hole just living and spending on credit cards. This all got to much for me and I could not afford the huge payments anymore. I spoke to someone at Choose Clarity who gave me information on debt solutions. I know have a solution which has massivly reduced my payments and prevents creditors from taking me to court or turning up at my door"

Mr Curnow

Mr Curnow

Loss Of Employment

" I started to find my payments too much due to me loosing my job. My credit cards kept me going for a short while before I found work again. By then I could not keep up with my payments and had balliffs after me for debts. I now pay half of what I paid before and I will be debt free in 5 years. Thanks sam"

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